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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

Transition Metal Catalysis : A Sweet Perspective

Résumé du Dr Thomas Lecourt (Laboratoire COBRA – INSA de Rouen Normandie)

Abstract :

Selective modification of complex sugars is a major challenge to design innovative chemical tools for glycobiology. In this context, our team has been involved for several years in the use of transition-metal catalysis to get a straightforward access to highly elaborated carbohydrate scaffolds. We more particularly developed a tool-box to prepare sugars with a quaternary position that relies on the selective functionalization of C-H bonds by 1,5 insertion of a metal-carbene. We also more recently reported a new method for site-selective deprotection of peracetylated molecules with a high tolerance towards functional groups. Developing these transformations on substrates with a finely tuned reactivity like sugars furthermore gave new insights on the mechanism of these reactions that should pave the way to new developments in the field of transition-metal catalysis.


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