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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

Séminaire de Florence GAZEAU (MSC, CNRS/Université de Paris)

Monday October 18th

ASTIER, Esclangon



Abstract  I will present different approaches using inorganic nanoparticles or extracellular vesicles activable by an external field to target and modulate the tumor microenvironment by thermal phototherapy or photodynamic therapy in models of cholangiocarcinoma and peritoneal metastasis. The rigidity and mechanical heterogeneity of tumors being an important factor in their progression and resistance to treatment, we will show how acting on the extracellular matrix and softening the tumor can improve the migration of T lymphocytes in different preclinical models and promote the response to immunotherapies. Measurement of tumor stiffness by elastography could be a physical biomarker, accessible by imaging, to stratify patients who may benefit from antistromal therapy to increase their response to immunotherapy.





















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