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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

Secondary Phosphine Oxides as bifunctional ligands in catalysis

Séminaire du Dr Piet Van Leeuwen (INSA- Toulouse)

Abstract :

In 1986 we introduced platinum complexes of diphenylphosphine oxide (SPO) as homogeneous catalysts for hydrogenation and hydroformylation reactions. As a phosphorus ligand it is very akin to triphenylphosphine, the workhorse ligand at the time in homogeneous catalysis. We speculated that the oxygen atom might play an additional role and facilitate heterolytic cleavage of dihydrogen. Since then numerous applications of SPOs in catalysis have been reported and in several occasions the ligands play a special role. In recent years we have used SPOs as ligands in metal nanoparticle catalysts and DFT calculations support the bifunctional role.


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