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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

Polyoxometalate Composites – from water purification to energy storage

Séminaire du Pr Carsten Streb (Ulm University, Allemagne)

Abstract :

The combination of polyoxometalates – molecular metal oxide anions – with functional substrates such as nanostructured carbon or porous silica will be described as a means to access (multi)functional composite materials. Tuning of each component will be reported as a facile means of controlling reactivity and developing materials with unusual properties for chemical and biological applications. Particular focus will be (a) on the design of conductive composites with use in energy conversion and storage, e.g. in battery electrodes or water electrolysis. (b) the use of POM-ionic liquids as reactive surface coatings will be discussed and control of rheology and materials chemistry will be demonstrated to enable applications in corrosion protection and water purification.


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