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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

Helical Foldamers: Highly Modular Scaffolds for Molecular Recognition

Séminaire du Dr Yann Ferrand (CBMN, Université de Bordeaux)

Abstract :

Our group has developed helical foldamers – oligomers that adopt stable helical folded conformations – derived from aromatic amino acids. Some of these folded objects have shown unprecedented conformational stability even in water, and constitute convenient building blocks to elaborate synthetic, very large (protein-sized) folded architectures. Cavities can be designed within such synthetic molecules that enable them to act as artificial receptors for chiral polar guests. This design offers unmatched modularity in that each and every monomer may be varied in order to tune the structure, the dynamics and host-guest properties. Iterative evolution of oligoamide sequences was used to develop receptors able to bind a given guest with high affinity and selectivity. Rounds of selection have been made possible through the extensive use of crystallography, NMR and circular dichroism.


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