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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

Electron-Triggered Metamorphism in Self- Assembled Metal-Organic Architectures

Séminaire du Dr Christophe Bucher (ENS Lyon)

Abstract :

Stimuli-responsive self-assembled molecular materials are currently subject to intense research activity. This growing interest stems largely from the myriad of exciting applications envisioned for dynamic supramolecular assemblies, also known as dynamers, in materials science, sensing, catalysis and electronics. Enormous technologic interests are for instance at stake in being able to devise molecular objects that could respond to external stimuli by changes in structure and function. These particular properties can lead to applications in various domains as (i) in molecular electronics, (ii) in analytic science, with switchable hosts allowing the controlled binding/release of pollutants or drugs, (iii) in materials science with the development of adaptive supramolecular polymers.

Our own research activity over the past few years has mainly fallen within the scope of molecular metamorphism, a terminology borrowed from geologists that we use to picture the structural responses of molecules to external stimuli. In this lecture, the syntheses and detailed physico-chemical properties of a series of switchable molecular architectures whose movements are triggered by electrochemically driven self-assembly of organic radicals will be presented. Particular emphasis will be given to electron-responsive tweezer-like molecules allowing to control the organization within self-assembled coordination oligomers/polymers. The dynamic properties of these redox-responsive molecular architectures and molecular materials will mainly be discussed on the basis of electrochemical, spectro-electrochemical and ESR experiments supported by quantum chemical calculations.


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