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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

Drug Discovery Challeng from Target to Clinical Candidate

Séminaire du Dr Samir Jegham (SANOFI - AVENTIS R&D, Research Platform-IDD)

Abstract :

Early drug discovery has changed dramatically over the recent past. We moved from blockbusters/massive one-fit-all strategy, to a variety of personalized solutions and we are gradually embedding an integrated drug discovery mindset, based on translational sciences rationale.


The challenge is the target. Once the target is carefully selected and validated we start the hit generation process using a relevant assays and range of modalities  from heterocycles to peptides or macrocyclic derivatives, from nucleic acids to ADC’s, from monoclonal antibodies to multi-functional antibodies, and we try to diversify our hit finding approach’s to not only rely on massive screening.


From another side the majority of pharmaceuticals companies are now totally open and deeply connected with the external scientific community and there eco-systems. 


By taking this approach, we expect reduce the risk of failure based on efficacy and safety, thus increasing the probability of success in clinic.


During this presentation I will highlight these paths from target to clinical candidate by presenting some specific cases from Sanofi portfolio.


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