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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

Design and Reactivity of Gold(III) complexes : Towards New Opportunities in Gold catalysis

Séminaire du Dr. Abderrahmane Amgoune (Toulouse University, LHFA UMR 5069)


In most gold catalyzed processes developed to date, gold(I) is used as a simple Lewis acid for electrophilic activation of p-CC bonds. This represents a severe restriction synthetically, and in this respect, gold is well behind the other transition metals that are known to promote a much greater variety of transformations. Gold is even considered to be incapable of promoting the important elementary steps in transition metal catalysis, ie migratory insertion and oxidative addition. Thanks to a rational ligand design approach, we recently showed that the reactivity of gold is much broader than anticipated. In this presentation, the design, structure and reactivity of new gold(III) complexes and their potential in cross coupling and insertion reactions will be discussed.


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