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Chimie moléculaire Paris Centre

Adventures in spin-crossover phenomena : from molecules with memory to multifunctional synergy

Séminaire du Pr José R. Galan-Mascaros (ICIQ, Tarragona, Espagne)

Abstract :

Spin crossover (SC) compounds are bistable materials, where the magnetic state can be tuned from a low-spin configuration into a low-lying meta-stable high-spin configuration through external stimuli. The coordination chemistry of triazole (trz) ligands with FeII centers has delivered remarkable compounds, as those exhibiting memory effect over room temperature, with a wide thermal hysteresis (> 40 K). Here we will describe several chemical strategies to further exploit trz-based SC materials including complexes with thermal 100 K-wide hysteresis in the solid state; or multifunctional hybrid materials where the spin transition can trigger a synergic switching in the electrical properties.


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